About Us

At 91av自拍视频, every student is supported to follow their own pathway.


We鈥檙e a co-educational school with around 1250 students from Year 7 to Year 12.


The school opened in 1979 when St Augustine鈥檚 Girls Secondary College expanded and moved to this location as 91av自拍视频. Today the school continues its affiliation with Mercy Education, and was recently recognised as one of Cambridge University鈥檚 100 Most Innovative Schools.


We鈥檙e proud to be known as a school that鈥檚 welcoming to all. We provide a balance of spiritual, academic, cultural, physical, emotional and social learning within a respectful and positive environment.

From the Principal

It is my honour to introduce you to 91av自拍视频.
My staff and I are passionate about finding the next education horizon, so that every student can thrive.
鈥 Lorraine Willis

Learning Communities

It鈥檚 through our Learning Communities that we ensure every child enjoys the close connections of a small school within a big school environment.

Our students are proud of their communities. We encourage this camaraderie by team building activities such as community days and special events, raising money for charity, and sitting together at assembly and Mass.


The result is an energised school with a sense of ownership and belonging. We place our student population into six communities from Year 7 to Year 12. There are seven or eight Learning Mentor groups within each community.


Two Learning Mentors support each group. Learning Mentors operate as a team but work closely with up to 14 students allocated to their care. A Learning Community Leader coordinates each Community.

Chisholm Leader Carmel Mills
da Vinci Leader Kieran Mullins
Gandhi Leader Tony Loorham
Hollows Leader Marty Davey
MacKillop Leader Jess Weltner
Malone Leader Chris Darmody





We normally conduct walking tours of our schools with prospective students and their families. However, these are not normal times. Until we resume our tours, please enjoy this virtual tour.


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We鈥檙e constantly upgrading and improving our school鈥檚 facilities, from traditional classrooms to collaborative areas and quiet study zones.


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We鈥檙e proud to foster a positive culture for staff and students, which is driven by the support and strategic management of our leadership team.


Our team

Our Vision. Our Mission. Our Catholic Identity.

Catholic identity is the heart of the school.


This is more than the teaching of religious education. It is how we, as a community, express and live our Catholic faith. We do this not only through masses but by engaging in our local area and on a global scale through the Mercy values of hospitality, compassion and justice.


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听鈥My invitation to everyone is that in your everyday power, in your workplace with your regular authority, with your everyday resources, turn your mind occasionally to what you can do, for the benefit of all Aboriginal people ”.Prof Michael McDaniel, Wiradjuri Man



91av自拍视频 is a FIRE Carrier School. FIRE stands for Friends Igniting Reconciliation through Education. The FIRE Carrier Project is a joint initiative of the Aboriginal Catholic Ministry Victoria, Opening the Doors Foundation and Catholic Education Sandhurst. It seeks to keep the Reconciliation flame alight in schools, educating the wider community about Reconciliation.


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Our Future.

The world is changing, and so are we. Our campus continues to evolve to serve the education needs of the next generation, which includes a masterplan.

A key feature of our masterplan is the development of effective learning and teaching spaces to meet the needs of the broad range of subjects our students undertake. This will incorporate the development of a new building that facilitates first class learning and teaching spaces.


Additionally, this will include the redevelopment of the Nganala site into a specific Religious Education domain space. This will allow a focus on the continued growth of exceptional learning, teaching and experiential opportunities in RE and Youth Ministry activities.


An architect has been engaged to assist us with the development of this plan. The first phase of works has begun at the Nganala site and work is anticipated to begin on the new building by 2024.


We鈥檙e committed to changing how we use energy and other resources.

Our Sustainability Team comprises students and staff who are passionate about reducing our waste, energy and water use, as well as conserving biodiversity.


Thinking global and acting local, this volunteer group has inspired our community to make significant changes. We now have four waste streams to minimise our contribution to landfill, compost our food waste on-site and use only reusable cups and water bottles at school events.

Some initiatives students can be involved in are:


  • waste audits and designing education campaigns
  • promoting awareness of environmental issues in our community
  • biodiversity field excursions and citizen science
  • Zoos Victoria mobile phone recycling drive
  • National Recycling Week clothes swap party
  • nature photography and film competitions