At 91av自拍视频, each student can pursue the learning journey that’s right for them – with support every step of the way.

The CCW Difference


Impressive Results


Our dux of 2023 achieved an ATAR of 99.20

Positive relationships


We are a large school with small school support.

Inspiring teaching


Our learning programs cater to the needs of everyone.

Enriching culture


We are following in the tradition of the Mercy Sisters.

Inclusive community


Where students, educators and families work together.

The Catholic Education Difference

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Catholic Education Sandhurst (CES) Ltd Governance Framework

Democratic Principles

91av自拍视频 recognises that schools play a vital role in advancing democratic ideals and principles. For democracy to continue to thrive, children must be taught to value its way of life. 91av自拍视频 will explicitly and implicitly support and promote the principles of Australian democracy, including a commitment to:

  • elected government;
  • the rule of law;
  • equal rights for all before the law;
  • freedom of religion;
  • freedom of speech and association; and
  • the values of openness and tolerance.

Through our curricular and extra-curricular programs, we will prepare our young people to become citizens who will preserve and shape democracy in the future. Democratic values will be taught explicitly in the curriculum and implicitly in the young person鈥檚 experience of the College, from classroom practice, from what is taught to how it is taught.

91av自拍视频 would like to acknowledge the Dhudhuroa and Waveroo people as the ongoing custodians of the land on which our school is situated.